1. Go to the University Moodle website https://online.utb.edu.bh/login/index.php


NOTE: If you don't have an account yet. Please fill-out the form by selecting the "Click here to request for University Microsoft Office 365 Account"

3.  Microsoft Sign in page appear. Enter your student or employee username (the format is bhxxxxxxxx@utb.edu.bh where xxxxxxxx is your actual student number. For Employee, enter your university email) and click "NEXT".

4. Select Work or School account.

5. Provide your password. If this is your first time to login, kindly provide the password that has been sent to your personal email by the IT department, then click "Sign in"

6. An "Update your password" window will appear. Provide the "Current password", this will be the same password you have provided in Step 5. Then provide your new and confirm password.

7. Click "Next"

8. On your first login to Office 365, you will be required to register for multi-factor authentication (known as MFA). You will need a smartphone to do this. Enter the information by selecting the country and your phone number. Wait for the code that Microsoft will send to you.

9. Select "Yes" if using your own personal laptop or computer otherwise select "No"

10. You are now logged into your Moodle.