1. Log in to Moodle https://online.utb.edu.bh/

2. On logging in to Moodle your list of courses appears on your Dashboard. From thlist of courses, you can simply  click on the relevant course, where you want to create your Microsoft Teams Meeting Link.

3. Click "TURN EDITING ON" button

4. Select a section in your course where you want to add the Microsoft Teams meeting link, then click "ADD AN ACTIVITY OR RESOURCE"

5. Add an activity or resource pop-up window will appear. Then select the MS Teams Meeting activities.

6. Click on the "Sign in" button. Then provide your Office 365 login credentials.

7. Once Signing you in. Click on "Create meeting link" button.

8. Provide the following: 1. Meeting title, 2. Time, 3. Click "Create" button.

9. Provide the name of the Activity and click the "SAVE AND RETURN TO COURSE" button.

10. Your Microsoft Teams meeting link is created successfully.

NOTE: Student will be able to view the session in the same way as shown above.