1. Within your Moodle course, click on the Assignment link.
    A screenshot of an upload file assignment icon
  2. The Assignment screen will appear showing instructions and your Submission status (date submitted, grade, etc.) for this assignment.  Read the assignment instructions as each assignment may be different and you don’t want to miss important information from your teacher.
  3. Click the Add submission button.

    Note: If you are submitting the assignment late  the "Add submission" button  may not appear as some instructors do not accept late assignments.  If this is the case contact your teacher to discuss next steps. 

    A screenshot of the Moodle Assignment screen where Add Submission button is highlighted
  4. The File submissions screen will open.  Click the Add Submission button, it looks like a sheet of paper.
    A screenshot of File submissions screen where Add button is highlighted
  5. Click on Upload a file, then click Choose File.
  6. Navigate to the assignment file you created, then select the file and click Open. Click the Upload this file button.
  7. You will see your uploaded file within the file submission box. Click on Save Changes to continue.
    A screenshot of File submissions screen where a Word Document icon is now appeared inside the Files Drag and Drop box

    Note: Keep going!  Your work is not submitted quite yet!   

  8. You may click the Edit submission button to add or replace uploaded files before finalizing.

  9. To finalize your submission, Click on the Submit assignment button.A screenshot of the Moodle Assignment screen where Submit assignment button is highlighted at the bottom of the Edit submission button 

  10. When the Submission Status displays as “Submitted for grading” your teacher has your work and will grade it as discussed in your course syllabus.
    screenshot of Submitted for Grading screen