1. To access your profile settings, click the down pointing arrow on the top right next to your name and click on Profile.
  2. Click Edit profile within the User details box and the Edit profile page will open.
    screenshot of moodle profile edit screenOn the Edit Profile page you'll find a number of options. Some items cannot be edited, such as your name or email address.  If you do change them they will be changed back by the system. If you need to change your name please contact the Registrar's office at redha@utb.edu.bh . 
  3. Add a profile picture. This may seem like a trivial thing to do, but many people underestimate the potential writing a personal description and adding a profile picture offer Moodle users. When editing your profile, make sure you add a User picture and a Description since they help other users identify who you are. Remember, this profile will be available across ALL your Moodle courses, so keep it informative but general.
  4.  At the bottom of the page, click Update profile to save changes.