1. Click the link to the quiz on the course home page.
    • Example: 
  2. A page appears providing information about the quiz / exam, including the closing date/time and grading method
    • Example: A basic, timed, one-attempt quiz. (Your instructor can configure quizzes / exams in many ways, so this example may look a little different from your course site.)
  3. Start attempt pop-up window will appear, just click START ATTEMPT button to start the exam.
  4. Click the NEXT PAGE or the number in the QUIZ NAVIGATION to go the next question or Go back to the previous question.
  5. Click the Finish attempt button once you are finish answering the exam.
  6. Summary of attempt page will appear to let student see if they have missed question/s and click the RETURN TO ATTEMPT to return to the Exam Question. Student can also click SUBMIT ALL AND FINISH if they don’t have missed question or if they don’t want to change their answers.